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Exclusive: Appaloosa "Buttercup Mix"

Felinno presenta su nuevo installment en la serie de mixtapes invitados, con la contribución del galopante acto electro-pop Appaloosa, que ofrece una curaduría de clásicos y obsesiones musicales titulada "Buttercup Mix". Selección con hilo conductor en la incipiente pero emotiva obra pictórica del legendario icono punk, Sid Vicious y el tema "Search & Destroy", articulada con memorables takes de Patti Smith, B-52's, Billie Holiday, Cat Power, Laid Back, Daft Punk, Stevie Wonder y Georges Brassens, entre otros.

Appaloosa aparece en la nueva compilación de culto de Italians Do It Better, "After Dark 2", con la romántica estela dance "Intimate" y la efervescente "Fill The Blanks", junto a números italo disco, synth-pop y avant-garde de actos como Glass Candy, Symmetry, Desire, Mirage y Chromatics.

"Buttercup Mix" es presentado track x track por Anne-Laure Keib. Disfruten!

Curated by Appaloosa.
September, 2013.
Illustration: "Buttercup" by Sid Vicious.


Sid Vicious - 'Search & Destroy', was listening to this as a teenager, wanted to start it with this becuz rediscovered this song recently, I think this version is even better than the original (my opinion).

Georges Brassens - ' Le Petit Cheval', is it a song about Sid Vicious?

Laid-Back - 'White Horse', a friend who lives in NYC played this song to me years ago. I wrote this song 'Fantasy' as a response to this Laid Back song; same subject.

Michael Rother - 'Lust', I love Neu! and I discovered his solo work that is super great; I hesitated between this one and 'Sonnenrad'. This one is super joyful. It sounds like it was recorded somewhere in the middle of the countryside. It is like when you are about to go on vacation and meet your friends and have a blast in Tuscany, facing nature all day, un débordement tellurique; it reminds me of bees going from lavender to lavender, bumble bees, honey bees, you don't see them on lavender; I think bees are into yellow flowers, like Astilbes. What can we do for the bees? Beside banning the pesticides "they" use to kill them, one of the things is to plant all kinds of flowers, plants, diversify, same with music.

Cat Power - 'Free', I love it, I think it was inspired by 'Everybody' by Madonna, have to ask her.

Daft Punk - 'Doin It Right', that's my favorite of RAM. Saw them live in NYC, Mike D put me on the guest list! I met Panda Bear some years ago, in NYC, after 9/11. Yeah name dropping right. I think name dropping is vulgar but what can you do… I worked as a journalist for some fashion magazines, and got to interview him, and also Thomas Bangalter, whom I interviewed at his apartment in Paris, he was on his piano. I hung out with Panda Bear, Noah Lennox, at his place in Brooklyn, and we listened to Fleetwood Mac, and then when I came back to Paris, we exchanged emails and wrote each other stories; it was really moving what he was writing, very thoughtful, and funny too, like talking about delis in Baltimore and Phil Collins is everywhere. The song is about partying, I guess, I did lot of clubbing when I lived in NYC; the best club was called Franks where a guy from Texas brought me, Dan, many times, and they were playing house music from the 1980s and we were the only white people inside.

Ecosound - 'Danza Della Foresta Tropical', feels good right? To me african drums and cosmic electronic sounds, is really the sound I love. Like flesh and glitter sounds.

B-52s - 'Dance This Mess Around', I love this song, I was listening to this when I was like 15, checkered miniskirts and doc marteens. I had this barbie doll house, where I would put my books, instead of Barbie dolls, and there was a poster of the B-52s above it.

Chromatics - 'Cherry', I love how deeply romantic and sad it is and sexy. Very beautiful. My favorite of 'After Dark 2', along with appaloosa songs.

My Bloody Valentine - 'New You', so nice, I saw them play when 'Loveless' came out, it was hallucinating; my boyfriend was wearing a leopard coat (fake leopard) naked underneath. I love this new record, it is not a Loveless2.

Carl Craig - 'Butterfly', so cool, for me Detroit is a greyhound bus station at 6am. Touring with Cat Power had to take a greyhound bus from Toronto, in the station there were lots of young people with kids wandering around, and some people who seemed really lost, and I was just hoping no-one was going to pull a gun, but I had this YSL purse that my ex boyfriend gifted me that I was holding against my stomach because there is this piece of armor, amor, on it

Areski & Brigitte Fontaine - 'L'Abeille', beauty. Been lucky to see her perform twice.

Two Unidentified Burundian Girls - 'Akazehe', oh I love this one so much, blows my mind. Have this cousin, she lived in Burundi, when she was 14 she was a punk, etc.

Patti Smith - 'Dancing Barefoot', so sexy. There is nothing like walking around barefoot on a feverish asphalt. Or like running around naked in the nature!!

Billie Holiday - 'It's Like Reaching For The Moon'. Beautiful. Beautiful. Beauty.

Lee Perry Ari Up, Feat David Lynch - 'Oxygen 8', I love David Lynch, he loves Kafka. My favorite movie is Elephant Man that I saw when I was 10 with Christian F, it made me cry. There is this great documentary on Lee Perry you can watch on youtube.

Sun Ra - 'Batman', I heard about him first time through Sonic Youth; they would talk about him in their interviews. They were also talking a lot about Brigitte Fontaine. Alexandra Vogt, who worked on some videos for me, came up with some videos with Batman in it, some demo songs, I like demo sounds, like 'Out Of The Blue'. She opened her house for me, like a novel, the infinite house of a painter. She breeds arabian horses, arabian mares and stallions and little foals. First night, we ate a pizza at a restaurant and then, we went to the pasture where the mares are grazing; the moon was full, it was completely dark except the moon, and then the mares came, and there was this black mare, and I took a photo of her with my cell phone; you can see the light in her eyes, it was like in the Patti Smith song, 'Horses'. Anyway Batman.

Stevie Wonder - 'You Are The Sunshine Of My Life', luminous. It is something I can listen to every day. I love the whole album.. Magical. So much love.

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